Monday, February 10, 2014

Grocery Bag

How's the produce aisle treating you?  I'm relying on the frozen section for many of our fruit and vegetable servings these days, with great results.  Steamed veggies can taste great with a little butter, parmesan or lemon and salt.  We've discovered that frozen fruit smoothies are a great way to start the day, and J-Bear's love of homemade applesauces is catching on to the rest of us when the fruit section is lacking.  Thankfully, winter won't last forever!  Here is our meal plan for the week.

Day One
Roasted tomato soup from Finding Joy in My Kitchen
with homemade bread
We substituted 3 large tomatoes for the canned tomatoes called for in the recipe, and we threw in a few bell peppers.  This soup tastes great!

Day Two
Crescent roll apple sausage rolls 
with mushroom risotto and sautéed mushrooms
Nothing gourmet here, but simple deliciousness for a quick dinner.
We roll Trader Joe's chicken apple sausages in crescent rolls and bake according to the 
crescent roll instructions.  I cut the sausages in half for the kid's portions.  I can't make enough of these for our kids.  

Day Three
Homemade fish sticks from Everyday Food Magazine
with steamed green beans and cheddar biscuits
Keep ketchup on hand for these delicious homemade "fish nuggets."
Buddy Bear can't get enough.

Day Four
with pineapple and snap peas
A simple and delicious pad thai.  We add tofu and snap peas.

Day Five
Onion & pepper quesadillas with salsa and sour cream
with steamed broccoli and oranges
Saute the onions and peppers, add a squirt of lime, and then 
then add them to a tortilla with your favorite cheese.  

Blessings on your kitchen this week!

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