Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mommy Mary and the Giant

Buddy Bear loves a good game of "David and the Giant."

But the other day, in a dramatic reversal of roles, Buddy Bear took on the role of the Giant.
Sweet Mommy Mary was so unsuspecting.  In no time, Mommy Mary and Daddy Joseph had fallen into the Giant's hands:

 "Mommy, wook!  I twapped Mary and Joseph under the CUPS!"

Buddy Bear was quick to assure me that Mary and Joseph knew how to call for help.

"Help!  Help, Baby Jesus!  Help us, angel," came their plea.

And, wouldn't you know it, 
the Angel of the Lord came to the rescue.
The Giant's cups were no match for the power of the Angel.

First Joseph was rescued,

followed by the greatly anticipated rescue of Mommy Mary.

"Hooray, Angel! You saved the day!" shouted the Giant.

The Giant turned out to be a pretty good sport after all :)

 Please tell me I am not the only one who still has all her nativity sets out in the living room.
Clearly, we're still having way too much fun to put them away.

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A said...

We still have ours out, and it's the exact same one (thank you, Nana!). O loves it too much to put away. I'm thinking of putting it away at the end of the month and buying the Noah's Ark set. I just love that they get us telling Bible stories, talking about Jesus, and working on animal sounds. :)