Friday, January 24, 2014

Happily Ever Reviews: Cat Chat Audio Shows

We have a small CD player in the playroom that the kids are allowed to use to play music.  On the shelf next to the CD player I have stacked CDs of various kinds, from VBS music to audio books, that the kids are welcome to peruse and choose to play.  The CD player has become a rather popular part of our playroom, because the kids love to snuggle in for an audiobook or choose a soundtrack for their playtime.

A few years ago, a godparent sent my kids a special CD to help them celebrate Advent.  The CD was called Cat Chat, and at the time, I had never heard of it before.  Now, we are devoted followers of the Cat Chat Audio Show series.  In fact, this year for Christmas, each of our Bears got a Cat Chat CD in their stocking.  Our house has been rocking with Cat Chat stories and songs ever since!

Cat Chat stands for Catholic Chat, and is hosted by Moses, the talking cat of a faith-filled family.  Each Cat Chat audio show features the family enjoying an event of some kind, such as an Advent dinner at their grandparent's farm (our favorite), a canoe trip in the wilderness, or an All Saint pizza party with friends.  The stories and conversations are great, as are the intermittent song breaks.

With the help of their Cat Chat friends, my kids are learning prayers, loving attitudes, and faith-filled truths.  Requests to watch TV shows evaporate when someone turns on Cat Chat.  I am grateful that at all times of day I find G-Bear, E-Bear and Buddy Bear curled up in front of the CD player listening, or singing along as they play with toys.

There are many more faith-filled resources from the Cat Chat company, which also look wonderful.  After I give our kids the last two CDs for Easter, I'll be hoping for more audio show editions too.
We are grateful to Cat Chat for helping us get the most out of our indoor playtime this winter!

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