Friday, September 6, 2013

State Fair Highlights

In case anyone was wondering, 
we did make it to the State Fair this year,


People have asked us if we are crazy.
"You went TWICE?!  With all FOUR kids?!"

What can we say?

We're Fair people.

Our tricks are as follows:
-Be prepared.  Snacks, water bottles, hats, sunscreen, and baby carriers are essentials.
-Start early! It gets crowded later in the day when nap time crabbies are peaking.
-Get an early treat or snack.  No one likes walking the fair with a grumbling tummy.
-Hit the kid highlights, on a weekday if possible.  There are so many great, education kid activities at the Minnesota State Fair.
-Hit the road mid-afternoon and eat a light, healthy dinner at home.  By that time you have walked off the early day Fair food and tummies are ready for a change of pace.

The kids had a great time at the Kidway with MoMo and Papa.  They each got to choose 3 rides, which built up just enough anticipation without going overboard.  G-Bear and E-Bear loved riding the flying gliders together!

 Next came the Bumper Boats!
Buddy Bear hopped right in behind his siblings.
His face said it all: "Me, ready? I was born for this."

When Buddy Bear was crushed that he couldn't ride the roller coaster with G-Bear and E-Bear, Papa took him on a "Bouncy Car" ride.  It was hard to tell who had more fun:

 In reality, the rides were a very brief part of our Fair tour this year.  We visited the fabulous Alphabet Forest twice, spending over an hour there each time.  There were name necklaces to make, alphabet wheels to color, postcards to write, and lots of wonderful books to read, all in the shade!  

We also visited the LEGO construction tent, watched the parade, saw all the animals, tried our hand at farming at the Little Farm Hands farm (twice!), watched spinning wheel and woodworking demonstrations and saw a dog show.  What's not to love about all that?!  

While it is always sad to say goodbye to the Fair for another year, I have no doubt that after the fun of our trips this year, my kids will be just as excited as T and me to head to the Fair next summer.  That is a great thing, because as I said, we're Fair people.

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