Sunday, September 1, 2013

J-Bear at four months

Today, our little lady is four months old.

I have officially packed away a box of newborn clothes,
because she growing up so much.

 These days, J-Bear enjoys munching on her toes and sucking on her hand.
She enjoys playing on her playmat, watching her favorite purple elephant, 
which happens to be the same toy that G-Bear loved at this age.
She sat in the Bumbo seat for her first time last week, which was brief yet satisfying.

J-Bear remains happy and contented as long as she is along for the ride.
But these days she also appreciates a long nap in a nice, quiet, darkened room.

I still have trouble setting J-Bear down, mostly because she is so cute.
Plus, we are both so happy when I am holding her, we don't have much incentive!
But, those super-squeezeable thighs aren't weightless, so in between arm workouts, 
J-Bear takes a few bounces in her bouncy seat.  By the way, she is almost grown out of that too.

We're looking forward to the next season with you, J-Bear!
Happy four months!

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