Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First week of School 2013!

G-Bear and E-Bear are back to school this week,
 sniff, sniff.

The excitement in our house has been bubbling over!

G-Bear is officially a first grader.

MoMo was on hand for the official send-off. 
She came with celebration cupcakes in hand. 
Good 'ole MoMo :)

G-Bear only hesitated for a moment as MoMo and T dropped her off on the school plaza.  
She has really looked forward to her first grade year.

Somehow, the rest of us managed to pass the day while G-Bear enjoyed her first day of school.
The boys enjoyed time in the sandbox and morning playtime with T before he left for work.
We sure do miss G-Bear when she's at school!

We were so excited to pick her up, and guess what?  She had a great first day, as expected.
We settled out in the yard with some coloring pages after the long school day.
It was a great way to relax and catch up together.

Then today, we got to send E-Bear off to his pre-kindergarten class!
Our little big man was so excite to go!
"I know you'll miss me, mom," he said.
You got that right, buddy.

Buddy Bear and J-Bear escorted E-Bear to his class, 
along with T, MoMo (who brought cookies!) and me.

The best part of my day was getting to pick these two up together. 
They were so happy to see me and so happy to see each other.

May the Lord bless our school year and yours.

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Buck said...

Your children slay me. They are so gorgeous. And look, Baby J not in the sling! :)