Monday, September 16, 2013

New schedules

G-Bear is two weeks into 1st grade, E-Bear is into pre-K, 
and I am on my third week of collegiate teaching.

We are reeling from new schedules, trying to juggle needs of six people 
between pick-ups, drop-offs, nap times, nursing, and outside responsibilities.

Today I picked up G-Bear and E-Bear from school, with J-Bear in my arms and Buddy Bear
at my side.  Buddy Bear got big hugs from his siblings, and we all ran to the playground to play together.  As we walked to the car, I said to the kids,

"I have been looking forward to this time all day, 
when we are all back together."

As we arrived back home, I felt the tug of a million different items on my To-Do list.
Pay the bills, clean the closet, do the laundry, prep dinner, write my lectures for the week, prepare for lab, start G-Bear's homework, pick-up the playroom.....

But instead of doing any of those things, 
we all snuggled onto the couch to read Stuart Little together.
With J-Bear on my lap, Buddy Bear on my legs, 
E-Bear under my arm and G-Bear leaning on my shoulder, 
I was enjoying the only place I really wanted to be.

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Kristi said...

Oh, I relate to every bit of this! The things to do...and then the really important things to do...really appreciate your perspective and reminders!