Thursday, July 11, 2013

We love July!

My grandmother's recounts how her father liked to celebrate mid-summer with the following poem:

J the first,

U the second,

L the third.

The Fourth of July!

GG shares this poem with us every July 4th.
Our kids don't quite understand it yet.  After all, they can't spell.
There are lots of things they do understand about July, though.

They understand that July is a time for family,

a time for parades,

it is a time to enjoy the outdoors,

especially at the cabin.

July is a time for cookouts,

a time to be out on the water,

a time to try new adventures,

and return to our roots.

Great grandpa's cabin turns 92 years old this year.
The town auditorium, also build by GG's dad, still stands strong.

We know that we must savor these days,  

because they pass by in a flash.

In a few months, when summer is over,
we want to look back and marvel at the memories.

Cousin E dazzles us all with his banjo.

One thing is for sure,

we'll come home exhausted.

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