Monday, July 1, 2013

Two months with J-Bear

Dearest J-Bear,

Not long ago, we did not know your name.

We now see you clearly, we're so glad you came.

Whether walking with Daddy outside in the yard,

or gazing at us (we know seeing is hard),

you're melting our hearts, your snuggles and coos
are now irreplaceable.  We sure do love you.

There are good reasons why we don't set you down much, J-Bear.
First, you love to be in our arms so much,
and second, we can rarely bring ourselves to put you down.
It helps that E-Bear and G-Bear love to hold you on the couch.
Buddy Bear, for his part, adores you as well, with kisses or pats or help with a paci.
You really are irreplaceable in our lives.

Today, we're thanking God for these two months with J-Bear!

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