Thursday, June 13, 2013

Truck Tunes

Our kids love trucks.  

A very generous friend recently gave us this DVD called "Truck Tunes" by Twenty Trucks.
It is a twenty minute video featuring "Ten cool songs about ten cool trucks!"
My kids can sing all ten songs almost by heart. 
They can do the truck dances too,  like the "Forklift Boogie:"

"Lift it up,
 put it down,
back it up,
turn around."

Sheer genius, I tell you.

Today, we hit the jackpot.

A nearby school is remaking it's baseball fields.
Today, while driving home from swim lessons, we drove by the once verdant fields to find them full of mud and ......TRUCKS!!!!

Excavators, front end loaders, pavers, scrapers, bulldozers, dump trucks!!!!

My kids almost bubbled out of the car with excitement.

So, for the rest of the week, you can find us behind the fences at the ballfields. 
We'll be watching the beloved trucks in real-time action.  
The construction crew is going to feel like a crowd of celebrities when we're done with them.  

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