Friday, June 21, 2013

Swimming into Summer

Our session of swim lessons ended yesterday, just in time for summer's arrival.

The temperatures were chilly. 
On several mornings, we emerged from the water vying for the honor of "Bluest Lips."  
But don't feel too bad for us.  This crew didn't just survive.  
They thrived!

Every morning, the kids have jumped out of bed, excited for another day at the pool.  Trooper MoMo made the drive each day to hold J-Bear while the rest of us were in the water.  MoMo looked quite at home watching the Bears from the pool deck.  No doubt, these mornings were reminiscent of days when she watched her own kids freeze their tootsies in the pool on chilly Minnesota mornings.

Our favorite new friend is Gertie the Guppy.
Gertie is the star of her very own song, which our whole family sings with great gusto.
Her song has taught many a young swimmer how to blow bubbles in the pool.

Good 'ole Gertie.

Now, we're onto summer, ready to show off our new swimming skills
(hopefully, in slightly warmer temperatures :).

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