Monday, June 10, 2013

Swimming in the Arctic

Would someone please tell me why I thought it would be a good idea to sign my kids up for swimming lessons in an outdoor pool during Minnesota's Arctic spring?

We start swim school today.  
It has been raining for two weeks with temperatures in the sixties.
I don't think the pool is heated.
I have to get in the water for Buddy Bear's lesson.
Oh my.


Kristi said...

If having a friend empathize makes you feel any better, today was E's first day of swim team in NC and she spent the last half of the practice wrapped up in a towel in my lap because she was so cold. Then the overcast day turned into a downpour as we (me and all 4 kids) walked from the pool deck to the car. Doesn't feel like pool season here either! Just wait, in August we'll both be in SC worried about whether we need to apply more sunblock! Summer is coming!

B-Mama said...

You are awesome, mama B!! Hope you survived!!