Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Just when you think we celebrated allllll our birthdays,
June rolls around and it's time to celebrate T!

Happy birthday, Super Dad!

This year, the Bears and I decided to throw T a "firefly" birthday party.

When T was a little boy, Nana used to tell him that his birthday would be "after the fireflies come out."
T and I still take great delight in watching for fireflies as his birthday approaches.
This year, the spring has been so cold and snowy that we still haven't seen any fireflies!
We decided to fix that for T's birthday.

Our blinking Christmas lights did the trick!

There is no celebration like a birthday celebration with our crew.  Buddy Bear gets so excited to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the candles.

He had been practicing throughout the day!

Thankfully, between an early birthday dinner with Nana last week,

and our family celebration this weekend (Chicken fingers! Ice cream cake! Hooray!),
there have been plenty of candles to blow out. :)

Happy birthday, T.
You really do light up our lives.  
I am so thankful to celebrate another year with you.

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