Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last Days of School!

We've made it, folks.
Tomorrow, when wake up, we won't have to go to school.
Congratulations to G-Bear and E-Bear, who have finished another great school year!
E-Bear and G-Bear with adoring fans in tow during last week of school festivities.

Last week, we enjoyed the traditional end-of-school festivities.  E-Bear's Preschool Sing-Along was definitely a highlight.  E-Bear and his classmates enjoyed their "5-minutes-of-fame," as described by his teachers.  E-Bear had a whole section of adoring fans in attendance:
E-Bear's fan club

Even G-Bear chose to leave school early to watch her brother perform.
E-Bear was so proud to receive his diploma.
Proud preschool graduate

 He got lots of hugs from his fan club after the show.  Buddy Bear was an especially enthusiastic fan.

A big hug from Buddy Bear!

Everyone wanted a picture with Mrs R and Mrs G after the sing-along.  We are so blessed that two Bears have had them for preschool teachers.  When we left for North Carolina two years ago, I was really disappointed that E-Bear would never get to be a part of Mrs. R's class. This year has been an amazing gift for E-Bear in many ways!

The Bears with Teachers Mrs. R and Mrs. G

We are proud of the compliments E-Bear received from his teachers and his friends.  
"I can't wait to go to Kindergarten, Mom," said E-Bear.  
"But I can't quite decide, because I don't want to leave Mrs. R and Mrs. G yet."

Speaking of loving our teachers, we are all going to miss G-Bear's teacher as well.  G-Bear has loved her Kinder experience, and for that we have to thank Mrs. C.  G-Bear got a big hug on her way out of school the last day.  No longer a Kinder, G-Bear is onto first grade!

G-Bear with Teacher Mrs. C

We are tremendously blessed by the teachers, friends and overall school experience of this past year.  Nonetheless, I am surely the happiest person on the plaza on the last day of school.  Before us, the summer stretches, full of opportunity and (hopefully) time together.  I couldn't be more delighted to have all the Bears home.

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Kristi said...

Congrats G & E! Congrats mama!