Saturday, May 4, 2013

Welcome, J-Bear

Our sweet J-Bear has arrived.
We are elated.  

Already, she is adored by her siblings. 

We arrived home to introduce her to her siblings just before the school day began.

Our house was bubbling with excitement.

Buddy Bear welcomed her by tickling her feet.

Big sister G-Bear shared her new baby doll cradle and proudly rocked her baby sister to sleep.

Big brother E-Bear eagerly washed his hands so that he could have a turn to hold the baby.

J-Bear has officially entered our fray!

Yesterday we loaded everyone in the Sienna for the first time for a trip to MoMo and Papa's house.

T and I looked back at our carseat crew in awe.  

We are so thankful for so many blessings.


Buck said...

Hooray! So excited for you guys! And maybe I'm biased but little J babies tend to turn out well. Now I just have to try and guess her name. :)

SnoWhite said...

so exciting!!! Congratulations. What a beautiful little girl. Praying for you all.