Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two Weeks with J-Bear

Two weeks ago, J-Bear was nuzzled in my tummy.

Now, she is nuzzled in my lap.

Upon the birth of each of our children,
T and I marvel at how quickly life without them seems unimaginable 
despite the fact that we didn't know them only days before.

J-Bear, life without you already seems unfamiliar.  
You fit right in, you are so loved.

Your brother and sister kiss you as they leave for school and ask for you when they going to bed.
Your brother Buddy loves to tickle your feet and show you his toys.  
All three love you deeply already, in their own unique way.

You are doing everything you should be doing at this point,
and you are so sweet to us in all you do.
Nana marveled at how you only cry when you are hungry.
We keep you tucked in close, so perhaps that is why?

Walks to take G-Bear to school with you in the sling,
gardening with you nearby in your seat,
story time with you tucked in my lap,
bedtime songs with you laying next to your siblings,
all our routines have been transformed in the best possible way by your presence.

Thank you for joining us.  
We're so thankful to God that you did.

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