Monday, May 27, 2013

Getting pretty crunchy around here...

Queen Butterfly:
"Daddy, can I cut the grass?"

"Why, yes you can." 

Last week, we finally joined the ranks of lawn mower owners.  The beautiful lawn of our rental house was getting a bit shaggy.  So, we splurged at Menards for a push mower that was on sale.  T finished his first pass across the yard and we were pretty impressed with our purchase.  Sure, there were a few tall stragglers here and there, but all in all, it did a great job.    

Seeing the delight in my eyes, T commented:
"We're getting pretty crunchy around here, Queen B."

The next day, T had several helpers in the yard.

You may notice that it was a face painting afternoon at our house.
Behold, garden angels 'Queen Butterfly' and 'Super Hero Dude!'

G-Bear helped to trim tall stragglers with her scissors,

while E-Bear used his shovel to empty mower clippings into the compost bag.

As I watched the action, I almost bubbled over with delight.  

 No need for oil, gas or electric with our intrepid crew!

Happy Memorial Day from the Happily Ever Johnsons!  
We are so thankful for our country, this land that we love!  
May this summer be full of green and lots of time outdoors.

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