Tuesday, May 7, 2013

J-Bear's First Days

warm and heavy
as pure gold,
and the angels sing softly
to the newborn babe.
~Light and Gold, by Edward Esch

When you are the J-Bear, 
First Days can be very exhausting.

There are first breaths,

first handshakes,

first introductions,

first nuzzles,

and first baths.

It is important to look your best, 

because even the biggest celebrities may come to call.

There are many adoring fans to meet!

But although these are just firsts,

something tells me this little girl is going to fit in well around here.

She is already dearly loved.

Thank you for a wonderful first week, Baby J-Bear.
We are so glad you are here.

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B-Mama said...

Oh, sweet little one. Welcome, love. She is a doll and so adored, we know. We send our love from afar and trust that all there is well. Be in touch soon. xox