Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Family Time

Ah, February, you have already been good to our little family.

G-Bear's poem from Sunday School last weekend.
This weekend was filled with pure, uninterrupted, unadulterated family relaxation time.  We soaked it up.  We make a good team.  
"My Family" 
By G-Bear
G-Bear's first family portrait.
From L to R: Daddy, Mommy, G-Bear, E-Bear

We have been doing a LOT of reading in our house.  G-Bear is not yet reading on her own, but that doesn't stop her from memorizing her books or making up her own stories so that she can "read" to E-Bear.  Here we were able to catch her in the act.  Are these two peas in a pod or what?  Makes a heart want to melt.
G-Bear, reading to E-Bear.

We have also been doing a LOT of puzzles in our house.   In fact, this is yet another thing that G-Bear has taught E-Bear recently.  Under the tutorage of his big sister,  E-Bear is suddenly very proficient at putting together Disney Princess puzzles.  Just call him prince charming.  We're so proud ;)

We celebrated the end of our big week with a night out to dinner together.  We waited an hour for our table (now THAT is dedication!), but the Bears were great.  We brought books and read them on the floor together, eyed the dessert case and checked out the mall while we waited.  What a treat.  

Out to dinner.

We capped off our weekend with a post-church trip to an indoor play-place, ate dinner leftovers for lunch, and had a soup and popcorn supper watching the Superbowl.  Simple.  Family.  Weekend.  Thank you, Jesus.  What a blessing.

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