Thursday, February 10, 2011

St. Valentine's Party

"I love you more than there are stars in the sky or waves in the ocean..."

G-Bear's St. Valentine's Party was today at preschool.  Last night, we signed her princess valentine cards for her classmates and set aside her valentine treats that she would bring for the party: Nemo fruit snacks for the boys and My Little Pony fruit snacks for the girls.  This morning, she could barely contain her excitement as we packed them all in a bag for her to bring with her to school.

When I got home from work tonight we sat together on the couch as she excitedly recounted the IMMENSE excitement of her day and showed me each of her valentines and each treat from her valentine party bag.  What joy!  The best surprise was the valentines that she made for T & me with the help of her teachers.  Here is what she wrote:

To me:

To T:

Hard to beat love like that, folks!  Not bad for the first valentines we have received from our daughter.  My heart could have burst with love and pride.  We love you too, G-Bear.


SnoWhite said...

She's got it down -- food certainly is a way to love :)

Anonymous said...

Treasure those Valentines! I know you do... I still have on my refrigerator something Max made for me when he was probably in Kindergarten. It's a big ribbon/medal-type of thing with the words "World's Best Mom" around the perimeter. In the center is a drawing of a cranky mom (me!) saying "Go to bed!" in a speech bubble coming out of her mouth. Even after all these years it makes me laugh. Love you, B.