Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dinner Conversation

Here was our dinner conversation with G-Bear last night:

G-Bear: "Mommy, what do you call another word for when your tummy hurts?"
Me:  "Do you mean a stomachache?" 
G-Bear:  "No, like what Madeline had?"
Me (realizing her reference to the book, Madeline):  "Oh, an APPENDIX."

G-Bear:  "Oh, thaaaaat's right, appendix."
Me:  "Your appendix is in your tummy just like your stomach is, it's just in a different place.  See, your stomach is up here (pointing) and your appendix is down here (pointing again).  So, when your appendix hurts your tummy hurts in a different place than when you have a stomachache."
G-Bear:  "Oh, thaaaaat's right, but sometimes my my stomach is over here too (pointing to her middle), like after I eat."
Me:  "That's right, because when you eat your stomach gets bigger, doesn't it?"
G-Bear:  "Yes, aLOT bigger.  Sort of like your tummy, Mommy."
Me (smiling):  "Sort of like my tummy, sweetie."

That's our budding diagnostician for you :)
Is this what you get when you grow up in a medical family?

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SnoWhite said...

precious. thanks for sharing.