Monday, February 7, 2011

Grocery Bag

Here is our plan for to get through dinner this week!

Day One
Irish Beef Hand Pies from Everyday Food Magazine
and Spinach, pear & craisin salad with balsamic dressing
These hand pies are great to make ahead and freeze.  
I can bake them from frozen when I get home in the evening.

Photo and recipe at

Day Two
Coconut & Chicken Curry Soup from Tasty Kitchen
with steamed honeyed carrots
This will be a new recipe for us this week, but it gets rave reviews on Tasty Kitchen.

Photo and Recipe at TastyKitchen

Day Three
"Healthy Mac & Cheese" from Joy in My Kitchen
with steamed broccoli
My friend SnoWhite makes a mean mac&cheese, and this recipe makes us drool.
You will never know there is sweet potato in the sauce, and my kids LOVE this dish.

Photo and recipe from Finding Joy in My Kitchen

Day Four
White bean and turkey chili from Cooking Light Magazine
with Mini cornbread puddings from Everyday Food Magazine
and spinach salad

Photo and recipe from

Photo and recipe from

Day Five
Curried Lentils in Tomato Sauce from Everyday Food Magazine
with couscous 
This is a quick and easy vegetarian favorite in our house.

Recipe at

Blessings on your kitchen!


Cynthia said...

Ok, so I've been a follower for just a short time...but I must say, I LOVE this element of your blog. I love making new things for our family AND also love planning meals for the week. It makes me really excited...does that make me strange? Anyway, I love your ideas and wonder when you find the time to find all your different ideas?

Thanks for this! I'm going to be making the Irish Pies soon!

SnoWhite said...

Love this again; so diverse and yummy -- what a great looking menu.

Hope you enjoy the mac and cheese.

Queen B said...

Cynthia, thanks for your compliments! I am glad that my weekly planning can help and inspire friends who have similar tasks on their weekly plate. I know I am always looking for dinner inspiration myself!

I usually try to sit down on Saturday or Sunday for an hour or so to plan our meals for the week. I get a cooking magazine in the mail every month to keep ideas flowing (Everyday Food) and confess that looking at my favorite recipe webpages is a relaxation and not a chore for my mind at the end of a busy week, which really helps. When I am looking for recipes I stick to ones that have at least 4+ star ratings, go for at least one vegetarian dish per week, and look try for one dish with some ethnic flavor (Indian, Thai, Asian, central American) to vary our dinner experience. There is no magic, and I am sure you will notice some of our favorites on repeat if you read close enough ;)