Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Thankful Saturday

Today was a great Saturday.

Slept in with T until 8:30,
when the pitter-patter of little feet arrived in our room,
and we snuggled in bed with G-Bear, her blanket and some storybooks
until we heard E-Bear singing in his bed,
and we brought him down to join us.

Breakfast of strawberry smoothies, biscuits and ham,
lazy conversation around the table until 11am,
when we decided to retire to baths and showers 
and get ready for the day.

Plenty of playtime, laundry and crafts,
the kids making sticker collages at the table,
while T and I started prepping dinner for friends,
our favorite tunes playing in the background.

We finished dinner prep during nap time,
dancing to the music.
I love few things more than cooking with my love,
especially when we are cooking for friends.

Twelve of us gathered for dinner,
a 'Thank-you' from T and me to them,
his fellow residents from his last VA rotation,
a close-knit, hard working bunch.

And now we lay exhausted,
at the end of a sweet, sweet day,
baby cozy in my belly,
children nestled in their beds,
"I love you, mom, dad," each has said.

What more could we want?
Wish for? 
Truly, 'Dat Deus incrementum'
that is, 'God gives the increase.'
(1 Corinthians 3:5-9)


B-Mama said...

Such a poetic and beautiful description. Love it! Happy for you...

Chrisy said...

What a precious memory....that is what life and love are all about. What a blessing!