Sunday, July 19, 2015

Our Littlest's Baptism

On the eve of a special feast day,
we came together to welcome our Littlest Bear into the Christian Family.

We gathered with MoMo and Papa outside of the church,
our little boy dressed in blue.
And after renewing our baptismal promises, 
we all processed in to the water fount.

T had picked the songs we sang together:
I Love Your Lord and Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go,
which the older kids helped us all to sing.

And when it was time, Father dunked our Littlest Bear three lovely times,
which upset his sister so much that she cried.

So, while the rest of us were beaming,
 I brought J-Bear to get Baby's new white blanket
so that she could help wrap him up to calm him down.
Finally dressed all in white, our Littlest Bear was so peaceful.

G-Bear received his candle for him,

Father anointed him with the chrism oil,

and I promised myself I wouldn't bathe him for a week
because the smell is so sweet.

We finished at the alter, which is where we all want to place our lives,
at the foot of Jesus.
Four proud, older siblings were smiling for their little brother.
And, standing next to T with the Littlest in our arms, 
I couldn't be more thankful, Lord, for your many blessings upon our family.

We will remember today as a truly special day, alongside our other family baptismal days.
Father reminded us that Saint John Paul the Great, when asked what he considered to be the best day of his life, replied, "the day of my baptism."  May we, too, always remind Littlest Bear of the importance of today, and live out our own baptism in faith and thanksgiving.
Lord, make us all saints for you!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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