Thursday, July 2, 2015

Highlights from Cousins' Week

Dinner at Aunty Cindy's house,

bagels and playtime at the splash pad one morning,

an afternoon at the park,

and a fabulous Frozen birthday for cousin H,

who could imagine a more wonderful week with cousins!

Thanks to our Boston and Seattle cousins for staying an extra week to play after Uncle C's wedding.  The week was just what we needed:  high energy, exhausting and full of fabulous fun.  The kids are all so close in age, and they all get along so well, so it is a real treat for them to all be together.  We discovered that lunches out after outings are a worthwhile treat, and dinners on the porch are the way to go.

 We will all miss our cousins now that they are heading back home.
J-Bear has already asked for cousin T, whose name is easiest for her to say, several times.  
Life is decidedly quieter around MoMo and Papa's house.  
Many sacrifices go into these special weeks together, but the time always bears much fruit in the loving relationships that our kids build together.  We couldn't be more thankful.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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