Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy All Hallows Eve: Halloween at MoMo's

We've been looking forward to this weekend for weeks!
Happy Halloween!

We started our evening at our neighbor's house and then headed over to MoMo and Papa's for dinner and trick or treating.  We were only treating with our crew this year, everyone was so sweet and excited!  E-Bear and G-Bear both enjoyed costume celebrations at school, complete with bingo and prizes.  Buddy Bear was a ninja turtle all day, greeting friends after Mass and showing off his moves. Buddy Bear, J-Bear and I had a fun day at home, complete with pumpkin picture coloring, juice boxes for treats, two fun Halloween finger plays  and our All Saints Cat Chat CD.  I taught them both the "5 Little Pumpkins" finger play, which J-Bear especially loved.  

MoMo's pumpkin was spectacular this year, as usual, but her theme topped the coolness chart coming off the heals of our Disney Land trip.  The Disney Imagineers could take a lesson or two from MoMo!

While we were eating dinner, the kids couldn't stay seated at the table because they were having so much fun opening the doors for trick or treaters and handing out candy.  They were so excited to see other costumes that arrived at the door.

Our crew had a great time Trick or Treating as usual.  J-Bear joined in for the first time this year, and boy, did she figure out the routine!  T would set her down, she would walk up to a door, mumble a greeting and then stick her hand right in the candy bowls.  When she got a piece of candy, she would sit down on the ground (her pumpkin costume was too bulky for her to reach her bucket in her other hand without setting it down), reach over to her pumpkin bucket and put the candy in.  She always thanked her benefactors with a big wave and a smile, "BYE!"  Too cute!

Back at the house, the kids counted their candy (G-Bear, 89!  E-Bear, 92!), and everyone picked a few pieces to enjoy.  J-Bear was so excited to get a lolly pop, and she spent the rest of the night picking the lolly pops out of the candy pile and putting them in a bucket.  It was hard to keep her from eating them!

Thanks to MoMo and Papa for hosting a wonderful celebration.  I am thankful for the wonderful lessons of Halloween that my kids are learning: generosity toward others, being welcoming hosts, gratefulness for gifts and treats, sharing and being patient with each other.  

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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That pumpkin is awesome mom!!