Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Early Fall Moments, 2014

There have already been so many special moments for us this fall.

As of October 1st, T, my brother and I are owners of this lovely piece of property:

We were able to get up to the cabin one last time with MoMo and Papa before the boats came out of the water.  The weekend was a gem.  I love sharing moments like this with my growing Bears:

We've harvested most of our garden to beat the frosty nighttime temperatures.  Our potatoes plants were our favorite this year:

From one sprouting spring potato, we ended up with 6 plants and 2 baskets of potatoes!  

Cuttings from our window box vines have made a great centerpiece in the dining room,

as have the flowers from my overgrown oregano:

Our tomatoes didn't quite get enough sun this year to make red tomatoes, but after a week by the windowsill, several of our heirlooms turned lovely autumn shades:

We tried tomatillos for the first time this year and raised a HUGE plant!  Next year, I'll give it even more sun to ensure a bumper crop.  The tomatillos are fun for the kids.  The flowers and budding fruits are gorgeous on the vines.

Finally, we're getting ready for a family wedding next weekend.  All the Bears will be in the wedding.  These two look ready, don't they?

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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