Saturday, October 18, 2014

Overheard in the House, October 2014

Buddy Bear: "Daddy, can we watch a movie?
T: "You know we don't watch movies on Sunday mornings, Buddy Bear."
Buddy Bear: "Daddy, daddy, just for PRACTICE."

Overheard on the hike to the top of Morrow Rock, which overlooks the Sequoia National Park:
"Daddy, this is better than the scariest ride in DisneyLand."

"I am so hot I feel like a chicken nugget on a griddle."
~G-Bear, asking us to turn on the A/C during a long car ride.

Overheard on the hiking trail:
Buddy Bear: "Mommy, I wish I were a worm"
Me: "Why do you want to be a worm?"
Buddy Bear: "So I can crawl into that tiny hole."
Buddy Bear: "Actually, Mommy, I want to be a giant bear."
Me: "Why do you want to be a giant bear?"
Buddy Bear: "So that I can run down this mountain path really fast."
Buddy Bear: "Actually, Mommy, I want to be a golden knight."
Me:  "Why do you want to be a golden knight?"
Buddy Bear: "So I can have the golden treasure!"

J-Bear:  "Mooooooooooooaaaaaahhhhhh!"
Me: "J-Bear, if you would like more, you need to say please."
J-Bear, grinning and showing her big, white teeth: "EEEeeeeeeeeee?"

Overheard during Ranger Story Hour at the majestic Ahwanee Hotel in Yosemite National Park:
Ranger storyteller: "Now, who knows what you should do if you see a bear?"
Ecologist Child #1: "Make yourself look really big to frighten it away!"
Future-ranger Child #2: "Bang pots and pans and yell to scare it away!"
Buddy Bear: "SHOOT IT!"

Overheard at the breakfast table the morning after returning from California:
Me: "G-Bear, what is wrong, sweetie?"
G-Bear: "I feel like I am going to cry, I miss my cousins so much."
Me: "Me too, sweetie, me too."

Overheard when T invited Buddy Bear to go with him to cover the last football game of the season:
Me: "Buddy Bear, you can only go with Daddy if you promise to be very obedient and follow all of his instructions."
Buddy Bear: "Okay, okay, don't worry, Mommy, I am INSTRUCTION MAN!"

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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