Sunday, August 17, 2014

Relaxing August Days

We are recharging after the fun adventures of July.

Sweet peas and green onions from our garden

Learning time has been put on hold.  Errands can wait.  
We are home together almost everyday of the week.

I have been able to say 'yes!' to requests for Duplos and Play Mobile, dress up and Legos.
No rushing, no hustling.  The schedules will come with demands in due time.

An afternoon of Duplo wands and dress up.

The sandbox is open for business.  Roman ruins and castles rule the day.

When our friends come over, our backyard is full.  We had nine kids, ages 10 and under, were playing Capture the Flag in our yard this morning.  What a sweet summer surprise!

We have plenty of walks across the street the the University Quad.  
Sometimes Papa and GG come to join us.  

Four generations on the Quad
Dinner on the porch is a luxury.  Our kids are getting good at shucking corn on the back steps.

And after dinner, popsicles are a perfect indulgence.  These three put our Zoku popsicle maker to good use.  We buy Bolthouse fruit smoothie at the grocery store and pour it into our Zoku.  Let it be known that the green smoothie looks weird, but it tastes oh so good.




Thank you, Lord, for these sweet August days.

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