Friday, August 1, 2014

Overheard in the house

"Mommy, mommy, feel this!  It is SOOO SOFT!"
~Buddy Bear showing me a big handful of sand on the beach at Hilton Head

G-Bear:  "Daddy?  What is a date?"
T: "What do you think a date is?"
G-Bear:  "I think it is when people go to different places and text each other."

"I have my golf ball, I have my root beer.  
Daddy, I have everything I need.  Except maybe a golf stick.
~Buddy Bear, behind T on the bike after a fun day in Hilton Head

T: "Which do you like better, Hilton Head or Disney World?"
E-Bear: "I like Hilton Head better, because there is a pool."
T: "There is a pool in Disney World too."
E-Bear: "Oh, yeah.  Then I like Disney World better.  Actually, I like them both."

Me: "What was your favorite part of today?"
G-Bear: "My favorite part of today was sitting next to you on the trolly, Mommy."

T: "E-Bear, what is your favorite drink?"
E-Bear: "Root beer, because it is a candy drink."

Happily Ever, 
Queen B

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