Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dinner on the porch to celebrate Boards

T passed his Boards!

Thank you, Jesus.

Such a monumental occasion merits a night out to celebrate.
Unless you find out the news at 5:30pm on your way home with four tired kids 
and no babysitter is available.  

In that case, you go to plan B: put tired kids to bed early and get Indian take-out.
Hang a few porch lights, light a few candles, buy a few Izzes,
spring for the palak paneer AND the tandoori chicken,
and you have a veritable feast fit for ANY super special occasion.

After all, we've hoped for and looked forward to this day for years.
What a wonderful way to celebrate.
Congratulations, T.  


Katie & Travis Lee said...

What a perfect celebration. Congrats to T- cheers from travis and me!

SnoWhite said...