Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ten Months with J-Bear

Could it be?  Could it be?
Ten months with J-Bear, are you sure?  Really?

J-Bear is 10 months old today.  It is harder and harder to keep her in one place.  She loves to chase her siblings around the house with her one-legged crawl.  She wants to wiggle out of our arms during church.  She tries with all her might to get over to the plants on the floor near the window so that she can play in the dirt.  She is a great napper, but still calls for assistance a few times each night.  She is making new sounds like "baaa baaa." If you are really fortunate, she may grind her teeth for you.  Daddy loves that trick ;).

J-Bear, everyone loves your smile and your wave.  You brighten so many days.  Especially ours.

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A said...

Ah! The teeth grinding! It's KILLING us. Sounds like they're chewing on rocks. Does Dr Daddy Bear have suggestions/cures?!