Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Milestones

March brings a change in season.
This year, it brings lots of other changes in our house as well.

J-Bear is standing with the help of the furniture.
She greets us from her crib with a wave and a "hi!"
She says "bah-bee" as she snuggles her blankie and dolly.
Her delighted clapping keeps all of us smiling.

Buddy Bear and I have decided to tackle potty training.
This time we're serious.
I've gotten out the plastic pants and foregone diapers.  
The most effective rewards are chocolate coins and Disney Jr. shows.

E-Bear went snowshoeing with T for the first time.
He is reading family names and simple words like 'Mom' and 'Dad' by himself.
He tells me, "Mom, I feel ready for Kindergarten."

G-Bear knows her doubles math problems by heart.
Her reading is so fluent now.
She was sport of the month in gym class.

This crew is growing up so fast!  Sometimes it is hard for me to keep up!
I am hoping that March goes out like a lamb...
and a stair safety gate....
and a pair of dry underwear...
and kid who loves school...
and a Sport of the Month.

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