Monday, March 17, 2014

Skiing in Lutsen

We did it!  
What a blessing!
We went skiing for the first time with our whole crew.

We had a wonderful time.

 Papa has been dreaming of skiing with his grandkids for years now.  
We couldn't pass up the chance to get away with willing grandparents for a brief Lutsen ski weekend.

Even Nana traveled up to join us!  
She hadn't skied in years, but she impressed us all with her adventurous spirit.
She unanimously earned the "Super Duper Trooper Award." 

So, just how did we make it happen with so many little ones?
Thank goodness for the bunny hill. 
"Flapjack" was the perfect height for our crew, complete with a "Magic Carpet."

Buddy Bear and I riding the "Magic Carpet" to the top of the hill.
After a few parental tutorials on the hill, G-Bear and E-Bear took a ski school lesson for a few hours.
They quickly learned how to take their own skis on and off,
how to get on the Magic Carpet alone,
and how to make a "pizza slice" with their skis.
We were impressed!
T and E-Bear at the top of "Flapjack"

Buddy Bear learned how to ride his skis down the hill between our legs.
He loved it!

Nana was on hand to help little J-Bear, who seemed too little for skis this time around.

MoMo impressed us all.  Check out that knee bend! 
You would never guess this woman has had 2 knee surgeries in the past year!
She shredded the slopes like her youthful self.

 And don't forget the best. Dad. Ever. 
T took charge of bunny hill duties one afternoon so that I could ski off with Papa.

Later, MoMo and Papa offered to take the kids for hot chocolate treats in the chalet so that T and I could ski a bit by ourselves. 

I felt like I was in heaven at the top of the glorious hills, overlooking Lake Superior, 
skiing with my love.  

Before our lift tickets expired, we rode the Gondola as a family, 

took the kids on several tours up the chairlifts, skied down with them between our legs, and made countless trips up and down Flapjack.  G-Bear even learned to turn both ways on her skis.

Our leg muscles were burning.  Our hearts were pumping.
But the smiles, laughter, and moments of triumph were worth it.

I think I even saw Papa get misty-eyed at one point, when we realized he was skiing again with both MoMo and his grandkids.  We experienced many blessings that we never thought we would see.

Lutsen, we hope we'll be back!  Thanks be to God for a wonderful ski trip.

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B-Mama said...

B, total awesomeness! It looks like you all had a brilliant getaway. I'm so glad. Way to bite off such a huge endeavor with the grace and joy that always accompanies your family. xo