Friday, August 2, 2013

Three months with J-Bear

Guess who is three months old today?

She sucks her fingers,
grabs her toes,
flexes her tummy,
and wrinkles her nose.

Her smile lights up the room.

J-Bear is laughing,
she's cooing now too,
delighting her siblings,
with all she can do.

Her smile lights up the room.

She sucks on her paci,
grabs sister's hair,
loves sling rides, sitting outside,
being together anywhere.

Her smile lights up the room.

We've loved each and everyday with our easy-going J-Bear.  She is quite content to be along for the ride.  I treasure the feeling of her asleep on my chest, the way she pulls up her knees when I wake her from her nap, and the way she will still fall asleep in the bouncer right in the middle of the evening action.  Thank you, Lord, for these three months with J-Bear.

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