Friday, August 23, 2013

Celebration in Hilton Head

So, why were we all in Hilton Head?

To celebrate Nana, of course!

Nana can gather a crowd like no other.  
Rightfully so, because she has invested years of love into many, many lives!

We needed a whole week to celebrate Nana this year. 
We even brought a few additional adoring fans to help us celebrate in style!

Nana's children's in-laws couldn't miss the fun!
At her birthday dinner, thanks to Aunt A, we presented Nana with a book of notes and pictures from dozens of her most adoring fans.  It was beautiful to watch her enjoy the loving words and sentiments on the first few pages.

Nana reading her birthday book
All week long, we savored the fun of being together.  

But the week was about more than playing in the pool, 

eating big meals, 

playing at the beach, 

and riding our bikes (although all were wonderful).

Most of all, our week was about nurturing a love of family life that Nana has cultivated in our lives for many, many years.  The week was a gift to Nana, a gift to ourselves, and perhaps most of all, a gift to our children.  

Fittingly, Nana was surrounded by several other amazing couples who raised her children's spouses with a similar love for family and family life.   

One thing was quite evident during the course of the week: Nana and Dee, MoMo and Papa, KK and Papa, and Grammy and Grandpa have done a wonderful job as parents and grandparents.  They leave us with big shoes to fill....

...which makes us all the more grateful for their ongoing example.

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