Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cousins at the Beach

Last week, we met up at the beach.
The path was winding, and it took us a while to get there,

Welcome to Hilton Head, where the beach is waiting.

but it was worth it.

Gorgeous Harbor Town

Together, twelve cousins played the days away,
each one growing like a weed.

Nine of the twelve cousins.  

In the hot August sun, the water beckoned.  It didn't disappoint.

The surf: just slightly cooler than bath water.

Our days were filled with new adventures both on land

There were many sand castles to master.

and in the sea.

E-Bear tried to master the boogie board.

 Whether young

Buddy Bear spent hours digging in the sand.  He never complained about sand in his suit.

or young at heart,

we were grateful to soak up the seashore moments. 

And, when we were sufficiently soaked, we headed back to the house
where more family fun awaited....

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