Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to you, G-Bear!

Before our very eyes,






five years have gone by!

Dearest G-Bear,

Happy Birthday to you, sweet princess.  Five years ago, on the Wednesday before Easter, I woke up and knew I would become a mother that day.  That evening was one of the proudest moments of my life, as I held you in my arms for the first time.  What a blessing it is, five years later, to look at the wonderful girl you have become.  You are stepping out to explore the world more everyday, sharing yourself in new and loving ways.  We love to see how you welcomingly include others, whether at your birthday party, at the playground, or with all of us at home.  Your brothers adore you, and you delight them as their best friend.  You are so creative, a lover of art projects and imagination games, and I love to stand back and watch you create!  I am so grateful for the way you help me see the world with fresh, hopeful, excitement-filled eyes.

We have had so many precious, memorable moments with you over the past year:

*April....Your enjoyed your first playdate with your preschool friend, MJ, many "Super Sibling" moments and Sleeping Beauty dances with E-Bear.  You welcomed your new brother with gusto and loving affection, ever my joyful helper.

*May....You pedaled your own bike and moved your carseat to the "big-kid-backseat" of our minivan. We celebrated together at Mommy's graduation and appreciated you as you soothed your baby brother's cries.  You make my day with your compliments, take your first swim lesson and devour sticky s'mores at the cabin for Memorial Day.

*June....We enjoy Shel Silverstein poems and stroller rides to the bank.  Our hearts swell with pride and our eyes are wet at your preschool graduation, especially when we say goodbye to your friends and teachers.  You wear your dancing skirt all the time these days, and you often find spontaneous occasion to use it.  We decorate Daddy's car together for his birthday, go to playdough and ice cream making school, and fly our first kite! And you wow the crowd at Daddy's graduation with your lovely dress complete with princess cape :)

*July....You still talk about the fun we had over 4th of July at the GG's cabin.  You love boat rides and tickles from my cousins, sticker books and pinwheels.  You make us all smile so much!  We enjoyed a staycation at Mall of America with MoMo and all our favorite Minnesota blessings before packing our bags for "Norf Carolina."  You and E-Bear waited for days for the truck to come.  The picture of you sitting on our rocker in our moving truck as Daddy packed will be forever burned in my mind.  

*August....Welcome to our new home!  You and E-Bear were so excited to share a room, and you both took to it with enthusiasm (and just a little late-night chatter!).  We enjoy our new pool, and you are ready to try a few paddles without your floatie.  Lazy summer imagination games are your forte, especially at the playground across our street.  We enjoy trips to Chick-fil-a, the mountains, Tweetsie Railroad, Grandfather Mountain, and our first earthquake!  

*September....What a treat it is to live so close to your cousins!  You love to walk hand-in-hand with your cousins at "Uncle T's football games."  Whether we are cheering for UNC or 'Bama, you are a great cheerleader.  You and E-Bear enjoy your first day at two new schools, and even though you are shy you exude sweetness and enthusiasm.  Baby Bear is always content in his Exersaucer, as long as you are there to play with him!

*October....You take Washington DC by storm with Daddy and MoMo.  We detail the "Days of Our Week" to try to remember them better, and your favorite day is "Family Day" (Saturday).  You love playing Superman with E-Bear, wrestling with Daddy, cheering "Rooooooll Tide!" and singing your October song.  Woody and Jessie make an appearance for a whole week leading up to Halloween, and you are dressed to impress with your cousins at their neighborhood Harvest Party.

*November....Our epic travels begin, first to Minnesota for Halloween and playtime with MoMo & Papa.  It is great to rake the leaves again in Papa's driveway and reconnect with beloved toys.  Every Thursday I get to hear you recount your favorite stories and songs from Bible school, and I love it.  We have a thankful Thanksgiving with Aunt K, Uncle T, your cousins and Nana. You six cousins are peas in a pod.  

*December....I am so proud of the gifts you give away on St. Nicholas Day, and you wow me with your Christmas cookie prowess.  We make our second epic travel, this time to Alabama, and you keep me smiling, despite long drives, hotel rooms and bumper car moments.  You are just as excited as E-Bear to celebrate his birthday at our cousin cabin weekend.  You can pick Santa out of any crowd and love singing Christmas carols with me, especially "Jingle Bells," "Away in the Manger," and anything by Straight No Chaser.  

*January....We say a tearful good-bye to our beloved Christmas tree and then we are on to New Orleans, where you love to say "Roll Tide" to every passer-by.  You transitioned back to school and home life so well, after our many trips and travels.  Your favorite days always seem to be those that we spend at home together, whether watching Sesame street, playing in the new tent, snuggling in Mom & Dad's bed, or coloring at the art table.  You and Daddy are reading your first Little House on the Prairie book together at bedtime, something that you love.  

*February....There aren't words to describe your awe, joy and excitement during your first Disney World experience.  You loved everything from meeting the characters, to seeing the shows, to dressing the part each day.  I cried when we walked out the gates together to go home because I loved being there with you so much.  We had fun designing valentines for your classmates, making our snow-day snowman, and reading your phonics book together -- you are doing such a great job reading your first words!

*March....You fit right in at Chick-fil-a Princess Night with our friends.  You are typing and writing your name by yourself.  You are ever watchful of your family members: telling me when Baby Bear is getting into something he shouldn't, voicing concern if you are afraid E-Bear may get hurt, protecting me from tickles.  You love our daily walks to the office to see "Mr. Gary." Your favorite way to greet someone is to hop up and down on one foot.  You have great friends now at both Bible school and preschool, and I love to hear you share your stories from both.

G-Bear, you are gentle, trustworthy and brave.  We pray for you that you will continue to grow in wisdom and stature, never losing your sweetness and loving heart for others.  As we light a candle together this Easter Sunday, I'll be thinking of your first Easter Vigil service with us when you had just come home from the hospital.   You have been a blessing and light in our lives from your first moment. Daddy and I are so proud of you and we love you so much.  Happy, happy birthday, G-Bear!


K said...

Happy Birthday G! From Uncle T, Aunt K, and cousins E, S & T! We love you, and we have loved living closer to you this year! Enjoy your day!

A said...

Happy Happy Birthday, G Bear! We love you more than you love pink, and we all know that's a LOT!

B-Mama said...

Happy Birthday to such a sweet little lady! You are a doll, big 5yo! Enjoy your happy day!!