Thursday, April 12, 2012

G-Bear and her bike

Our princess is radiant. 

Our princess has fallen in love.

Hers is a love affair with a bike, 
her new birthday bike, a gift from MoMo and Papa.

She rode it for two days across our carpeted living room as it rained and poured outside.
She even invited our apartment maintenance men over to see it, asking them if they would inflate the tires for her.
Then this weekend, in the perfect Easter weather, she and her bike got to take a first ride.

G-Bear and her bike were off like the wind.

Her moment was extra special because she got to share it with her brother and cousins, all of whom were all on their bikes as well.  
Joy is a dish best shared.  With her buddies by her side, her joy was overflowing.

 I still remember when MoMo and Papa gave me a bike on my fifth Christmas.  I remember having my own bike love affair, pedaling my new pink bike on our carpeted living room for weeks, waiting for spring to arrive so that I could ride outside.  I remember the pure freedom I felt riding my bike for the first time, my dad later helping me learn to ride without its training wheels, the joy of having wind in my hair and the sidewalk ahead as my path.  All these memories came flooding back as I watched my sweet girl experience her own first bike moments.  The first bike experience of joy, determination, and freedom is as classic as childhood itself.  Thanks to MoMo and Papa for making it possible for me and now for G-Bear as well.

Go get 'em, G-Bear!

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