Friday, April 27, 2012

April Milestones

We have been growing a lot this month!

E-Bear has learned to catch a ball.
G-Bear wrote her first sentence.
Buddy Bear is munching on sugar snap peas.

Overheard at the dinner table:
"Dad, do you wanna listen to my snap?   It doesn't snap."  

Overheard in the kids' room after time outs, after Mom explains WHY we don't do certain behaviors:
G-Bear: "I guess I didn't think about that when I was doing it."
Me: "You know, G-Bear, lots of children, and sometimes even adults, forget to think about the consequences of their actions before they do something."
G-Bear:  "I don't really know how to think like a grown-up yet."

Overheard in the playroom when T finds G-Bear standing on our firetruck, trying to reach a top shelf:
T:  "G-Bear, be careful."
G-Bear:  "Dad, don't worry.  Four and a half girls are VERY brave."
What will we do now that she has turned five?  Heaven help us when she is fifteen.

Overheard as a man walks by wearing a Superman shirt:
G-Bear: "E-Bear, look, Superman."
E-Bear: "That's not Superman.  Superman wears a cape."

Overheard just before Buddy Bear's birthday:
G-Bear: "Mom, can I have my five dollars that I got from my friend for my birthday."
Me: "Sure, G-Bear, why do you need it?"
G-Bear:  "I want to give it to Buddy Bear for his birthday.  Here, see, I made him a picture to go with it."

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