Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Daybook for February 2012

Ah, a Daybook entry, what better way is there to reflect and ramble about our latest musings and happenings?  Today's edition is a mix of big and small choices, difficult and delightful moments.  Like a small town newspaper, the news borders on gossip, but you can't help read it anyway.  As always, thanks to the Simple Woman's Daybook for providing the inspiration.

Outside my window...there is brown grass where yesterday there was SNOW!  We enjoyed our one and only snow day of the year yesterday.  Conveniently, school had already been dismissed for Presidents' Day.  We wasted no time getting outside and quickly made a snowman.  He wasn't Minnesota-sized, but he was pretty cute.  We built him in the shade so that he would last longer, and thank goodness we did!  By the time we finished playing in the snow, most of it had melted.  Even our snowman was gone by the evening, before I could snap a picture.  Ah, well, that's life in North Carolina.

Our back yard playground, covered in snow!

I am thinking...
about our Baby Bear, who turned ten months yesterday! 

A Bear and his daddy.

Our little man impresses us everyday with his new skills.  He loves to make people smile by waving hello and good-bye.  He likes to clap along, whether to a song or to show his delight.  He is standing, furniture walking, and crawling like lightning.  I can no longer let him out of my sight because he is getting into everything!   Big sibs, mom and dad have to be careful where we leave our toys and treasures if we don't want to share them with Baby Bear.  And oh, my, what a voracious appetite he has!  This boy is a growing boy.  

Baby Bear celebrates in style :)

I am Neen for nominating us for the Versatile Blogger Award.  How kind!  I am most thankful that our blog has brought enjoyment and escape for her as she anticipates the birth of her twins!  Thank you.  I'll fulfill the obligation of passing along this award in a future post.

In the kitchen...I am cooking our Mardi Gras meal complete with roasted vegetable pasta and the last minute addition of a crock pot chicken.  What a treat!  Thanks, Whole Foods, for providing organic, free range chickens on sale.  Yum.  

I am wearing...fuzzy socks.  I found them at the back of my sock drawer yesterday, and they were perfect for our snow day.  They are oh, so comfortable.  

I am annual plan to help us make the most of Lent.  With Ash Wednesday tomorrow, it is time to add the finishing touches.  Lent is a season that offers us the tremendous opportunity to regroup, reflect and recharge in our walk with God.  I say, bring it on.

I am going...actually, I went to the grocery store with the Bears today.  You might think I have a death wish or just get a kick out of tempting fate.  Actually, I was desperate for ice cream.  With three in tow, I chose the grocery store with the mini "shopper in training" shopping carts.   My kids love the mini shopping carts.  Thankfully, both mini carts (they only have two) were available at the entrance, so both G-Bear and E-Bear got to push one.  We have two rules when I allow the little shopping carts:  #1: Everyone must stay behind mommy and follow me at all times.  #2:  We walk, we don't run, with the carts.  Often, someone has a lapse of behavior and looses their cart privileges part-way through our shopping trip.  Not today.  Today my Bears were cherubs, and they were rightly showered with compliments from the other shoppers.  "Oh, my, aren't YOU TWO big helpers?"  "What excellent helpers you have there, Mom!"  And my personal favorite:  "Hey, Sam!  Look, it's a train!"  My kiddos beamed with pride as they pushed their carts.  I would like to thank the legion of angels over my shoulder.  And yes, we bought a lot more than ice cream.

I am wondering...why, with so many wonderful toys surrounding him, Baby Bear is most interested in chewing on the power strip hidden behind the couch.  Like I said, I can't let that boy out of my sight! :)

I am reading...phonics books from Progressive Phonics with G-Bear.  Actually, I should say that SHE is reading them with me!  I am so impressed and amazed as she develops this new skill.  The look on her face is priceless as she sounds out a word and realizes she has read it.  So far we have done the first book in the series, the short "a." Now we are onto the second book, and we are all excited to start it.  Even E-Bear asked if we could read it for story time today.
Photo from Progressive Phonics

I am learning...
so much from the women in my Bible Study.  Right now we are reading James, and I love our discussions about how to practically live out our faith. 

Around the house...we are missing our three cousins, who joined us yesterday for playtime and dinner!  We had so much fun.  G-Bear said today at lunch:  "I miss them.  It was so LOUD when they were here.  I felt like our house was shaking we were so loud."  I can assure you that this was a most sincere compliment on her part.    

I am look forward to... Thursday.  Why?  Rank lists for all residency applicants are due tomorrow by 9pm.  I can't wait to wake up on Thursday and have the deadline behind me.  

I am pondering...residency.  With rank lists due tomorrow, this is the eight hundred pound gorilla in my room.  Actually, to say that I am "pondering" residency does not do justice to the amount of mental energy and capacity that this decision has consumed for the past two years.  I somewhat ashamed to admit that I am so nervous about tomorrow that my hands are shaking right now, even as I type this.  For me, the question is not only what rank list I will submit, but whether I will submit one at all.  Eight hundred pound gorilla, indeed.  

A favorite quote for today...

"If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it shall be given to him.  But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.  That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord."  ~James 1:5-7

One of my favorite snuggling with my Bears.  Whether we are reading a book, tucking in for the night or watching a movie, their sweet snuggles make my day.  

A few plans for the rest of the week...Ash Wednesday and a decision tomorrow, basketball with T this weekend, and a visit from Uncle C round out our plans for the next week.  

A peek into my day...

Our porch yesterday, more proof that it really did snow.

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