Saturday, February 18, 2012

Prepping for Lent

I have a big decision looming.  
T has been out of town.  
We have had two days of sixty degree weather in a row.  

It is easy to forget than Lent begins next week.  

I find that my Lent is more meaningful if I do a little forethought and preparation.  So today, I laid the groundwork:

Christmas lights still up? 
Took them down.
Moldy fairytale pumpkin hiding on my porch since October,
sorry, buddy, into the trash you go.
The last surviving Christmas books and toys that we couldn't bear to put away in January,
packed away into yet another Christmas treasure box.
The pile of arts & crafts supplies that Baby Bear is always tearing into?
Tucked away into a basket for E-Bear and G-Bear next to their art table.

Today was all about making space to make space.
It is easier for me to pray when my space isn't a mess, and I have a lot of praying to do this week.
The bonus?  T will be so impressed when he gets home.

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Neen said...

It is always nice to put one season aside before the next one gets there.