Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reunions and Skating in North Carolina

This week, we tagged along with T to Greensboro for his business trip.  What a wonderful excuse to see family and friends in North Carolina!

T was in Greensboro to survey the medical coverage of the National Figure Skating Championship.  We were able to see the Women's Short Program Finals together as a family.  What a hit!  The athletes are so talented and our kids all loved watching the competition.

Since we were halfway between our old home of Winston-Salem and our cousins, we split our time between friends and family.  Fortunately for us, Nana came up, and we had several days with her as well!   We spent two nights with our cousins, and it was fantastic to see how hard it was to separate the kids at bedtime.  They played for hours.  Thanks to Aunt K and Uncle T for hosting our crazy crew! 

In Winston-Salem, we were able to visit with dear friends whom we have dearly missed.  We made time for meals from a few of our favorite restaurants.  Finally, we stopped by our old apartment, and the kids played on the playground that was once our stomping ground.  G-Bear and E-Bear remembered it when we arrived, but Buddy Bear was too young when we left to remember.  As for J-Bear, this was her first time to enjoy the swirly slide and bouncy duck!

I can't emphasize enough how blessed we were to have the chance to take the kids out of school to join Todd on this trip.  These are the days to do trips like this.  We were all close to tears as we said good-bye to our cousins and Nana.  We all agreed that we can't wait to come back.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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