Tuesday, January 13, 2015

No-No Lady

J-Bear's ever-expanding vocabulary has been a joy to behold.  At twenty months, she now says "momma", "dadda," "MoMo," "Papa," "GaGa," (for G-Bear), "apa," (for paci), "baby," "up" (for cup) "nana" (for banana), and an occasional "pees" (when asked how we ask nicely).  One of her sweetest words yet has been her "yeah!", which serves as the answer to everything from 'did you have a good nap?' to 'would you like more?'

This week, however, J-Bear is trying out a new word.  No.  N. O.

I can hardly complain.  After all, J-Bear is twenty months.  Her verbal denial is probably way overdue.  Also, her 'yeah!' has been so sweet for so long, but it is probably fair for her to have another answer selection for the question, 'would you like more asparagus?'

For now, the NO particularly delights J-Bear, her parents not so much.

Perhaps next week we'll work on 'maybe.'

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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A said...

This makes me feel so much better! We've always said "good", but now "NO!" is making its way in. Bring it on, twos!