Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Cookies with Miss Sara

What better way is there to spend the first day of Christmas break than making Christmas cookies?

This year, we continued our tradition of cookie baking, but we began what I hope will be a new tradition: cooking with our neighbor, Miss S.

Miss S invited us over for the afternoon.  We needed all the help (and space!) we could get.  This year, we made four types of cookies!  The kids were great helpers.  As with years past, one of the keys to our success was the fact that I made my dough the night before.  With the dough prepped and ready, we could set right into rolling, cutting, baking and decorating, which are all jobs that the children enjoy.

 This year, we had to introduce Buddy Bear to my rules of Christmas cookie baking.  
The rules haven't changed over the years, but I find that each year I have a new child to indoctrinate.

Rule #1:
Only Mom does the frosting.

Rule #2:
Only the kids do the decorating 
(unless they give Mom permission or ask for help).

Rule #3:
Have fun making the cookies.
(you would be surprised how difficult this can be at times!
Sometimes the decorations don't turn out they way one might want.  Sometimes one might lick fingers and have to wash hands AGAIN.  Sometimes one might have to be patient while Mom helps someone else.  This is a rule for good reason.)

With rules in place and after hours of hard work, we had a lot of bounty to show for our efforts.  The hardest part of the afternoon was just eating one cookie each!  We put the rest away for Christmas, just two days away.  The Advent wait will be worth it!

 Happily Ever,
Queen B

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