Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Posh Police Birthday Party

Can you believe we have a six-year-old in our midst?

Our Gaudate Sunday was very special this year, as it included a very joyful birthday celebration for E-Bear.  After much deliberation, E-Bear choose a police officer theme for his family birthday party.  His choice turned out to be so much fun!  MoMo, Papa, GG, Aunty Cindy, Uncle Scott and even Cousin Brett came for the party.  By the time the guests arrived, our dining room had already been transformed into "Station 6."

Everyone's place had a police badge to decorate and a few lego brick candies for fun.  
All the kids had police officer hats at their seats.  

The older kids thought the hats were great.

J-Bear wasn't so sure about hers.

Blue and yellow streamers, along with blue, red and yellow party ware made up the rest of the decor.
The party room got a big thumbs up from the birthday boy.

E-Bear choose macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers for his birthday lunch.  The meal got rave reviews from his siblings.  I made sure to include fruit and a nice salad for the adults in attendance.

After the meal, we played our customary party game, this time themed appropriately as:
"Pin your bandit in the jail!"

We had quite a few bandits in jail by the end of the game.  We concluded our officers were worthy of graduating our party academy.

After party gaming, it was time for presents!

E-Bear was so excited to get the police Lego set for which he had been wishing.  He also received a Lego set from MoMo, Magnatiles from Nana, a few Lego books and some Playmobil police officers.

E-Bear also loved the Locomotive book from GG.  Our E-Bear loves machines and building.

 The finale of the party was most certainly the cake.  Thanks to our local bakery, I didn't have to make this one.  The cake got rave reviews.

Birthday parties continue to be the celebration par excellence for our kids.  The smiles on E-Bear's face and the grins from his siblings make all the late-night preparations worth it.

 Happy birthday, dear E-Bear, happy birthday to you!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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