Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sixth Birthday Party for G-Bear

She beams, she glows, 
she's the official six-year-old in our house!
A beaming G-Bear at her birthday party.
On Saturday, we hosted Uncle Carl, Uncle C, GG, and Aunt Cindy for G-Bear's "Jasmine" birthday party.  We decorated the living room with stars and streamers, as well as coloring pages courtesy of the birthday girl and her brothers.  The table was decked and ready for the guests, complete with a lovely cake from our neighborhood bakery (a wise decision--I was way too wimpy to try to make a jasmine cake myself).  G-Bear loved her cake!

G-Bear received several thoughtful presents from her family members, including a handmade Jasmine headband from our talented cousin M, as well as new clothes and accessories for her most beloved Baby Doll from MoMo and Papa.  Baby Doll also received my old baby doll bed, which G-Bear was photographed in when she was 2 weeks old.  

G-Bear in my baby doll bed at 2 weeks old.
This weekend she received the bed as a gift for her baby dolls!

Can you believe how much our girl has grown?!

G-Bear, E-Bear and Buddy Bear, opening the baby doll bed.

The only one more excited than G-Bear about the Baby Doll bed and accessories was Buddy Bear.  :)  Do you think this little guy is ready to be a big brother? 

T and I also gave G-Bear several of my childhood toys, including a wooden puppet theater and wooden puppets.  Seeing G-Bear enjoy the new toy with her brothers made me appreciate MoMo's talent and thoughtful efforts in buying such high quality toys so many years ago.   It is wonderful to see a new generation enjoy these toys as much as I did.

We had a super fun Arabian Night.  Thanks to all of our family for their kind efforts to help us make G-Bear's celebration special!

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Kristi said...

That photo of G in the doll bed is priceless! Happy Birthday G!