Thursday, April 18, 2013


Outside, snow is dumping down from the sky.  
Forget the fact that the sun emerged yesterday for a few hours.  
Whatever snow melted is being rapidly replaced with a fresh new blanket.  
Aren't storms supposed to put pregnant women into labor?  
If so, why am I still plump as pudding?


The tornado sirens are going off in our neighborhood.  
I almost laughed when I heard them. 
Really?  A tornado?  During a snow storm?
It turned out to be an annual "community tornado drill."
This April has been so weird.


For three out of the past four weeks, I have had someone at home with the stomach flu or a fever.  
Surely by now, we have caught every bug imaginable, and we are now safely immune.
But then last night, Buddy Bear threw up again.
And just to prove the point, G-Bear has a fever this afternoon.
So, make that four out of the past five weeks that someone has been sick.
T went to the store last night to re-stock us with Clorox wipes,
 sanitizing spray, hand sanitizer and paper towels.
We need to clean up this house before the baby comes!


Somehow, we manage to keep our spirits high.  
Bring on the library books and Sesame Street!
Break out the color crayons and podcasts!
We'll put together puzzles and soak longer in the tub.
We're all in this together.

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Kristi said...

Oh no! I don't know how you're managing this all...I remember the third trimester with 3 little ones and how tired I was, and you have so much more going on. Sending love, prayers and energy your way. Hugs too!