Monday, April 29, 2013

Preparing the Welcome

No, our sweet babe has not yet arrived.  

But, thanks to G-Bear and E-Bear, our home will be a welcoming place when Little One comes home!

This weekend, we enjoyed the spring weather with some much-anticipated backyard playtime and yard work.

As T, Buddy Bear and I cleared brush and leaves from the flower beds, G-Bear and E-Bear were hard at work, decorating the sidewalks to welcome their newest sibling home.

G-Bear's message (which sounded out herself) reads,

"Welcome Home, new Baby.
G-Bear and E-Bear"

She also left a note for Peter Pan from Wendy.

Our patio wall has never looked better.

On behalf of our Newest Addition, and early thanks to you, G-Bear, for the thoughtful welcome home!

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