Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring has sprung!

There might be two feet of snow outside our window, but it is spring in our living room!

Our spring bulb garden from Papa!
Every year as a Valentine's Day gift, my dad gives each family a spring bulb potted garden.  The garden blooms over the next six weeks, getting us through the doldrums of winter with the brilliant colors and pleasant smell of spring flowers in the house.  By the time the garden has lost it's luster, the snow is usually melting and spring bulbs are peaking through outside.  What a wonderful tradition!

Here was our garden one week ago.

First thing every morning, G-Bear and E-Bear run down to check on the garden and see if there are any new flowers.  There is usually at least one new bloom a day, and we love to guess what colors will be coming out next.

Blue or pink or white?

Purple, red or yellow?

The scent of the flowers in the living room is exquisite.  It makes us all so excited to see the snow melt and make way for garden buds over the next month.

Our garden today!

Thank you, Papa, for bring spring to our home a little early every year!

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